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Recent Requests

I need to get my tv mounted

Caroline S

I need a pet door installed in an interior door.

Wendy C

I have torn carpet thats underneath the bedroom door of my bedroom from where my dog has scratched at the carpet to try to get out of the door. I need this problem fixed ASAP and will pay good.

Taylor C

Small 8x10 inch or close to window that needs to be replaced

Caleb B

need ceiling fan replaced

need light in the kitchen replaced - the ballast has gone out and replacing a front fiberglass door that was scratched when moving a couch out

Mickey S

Projects: refinishing stairs, some light painting, installing interior doors, replacing some lumber siding on exterior of home.

Perry B

We have a toilet that needs to be reset, it rocks back and forth. We thought it just needed a new wax ring, that's been done within the last year and it's already back to square one.

Hannah L

New lockset bedroom.

Ken R

I need 5 tvs mounted in a new construction home in Hidden Meadows subdivision. One is outside. I would like the cable boxes and cords to be hidden as much as possible.

Brandi M

I need a handyman to lay laminate in 740 square feet. Den area.

Carl M